Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Governor Vetoes Bill Establishing a Procedure for the Selection of State Delegates to a Article V Constitutional Convention

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed House Bill 148 on June 2, 2015. Gov. Hassan issued a press release that stated, "House Bill 148 establishes a procedure for the selection of state delegates to a convention called by the states for the purpose of considering amendments to the United States Constitution. This bill also limits the authority of those appointed delegates."

Gov. Hassan noted the similarity of House Bill 148 to Senate Bill 356 vetoed by Gov. John Lynch in 2012. Gov. Hassan remarked, "[T]he language of this measure places restrictions on our hypothetical delegates that are contrary to the true purpose of any constitutional convention."

See Gov Vetoes Bill Limiting Delegates Authority at Article V Constitutional Convention; On HB 148: Hassan says Con-Con won't be called soon; places restrictions on hypothetical delegates contrary to purpose of the meeting." By Tony Schinella, staff at